INFOCUS 2023 - Three Key Takeaways

"3 Key Takeaways from this year's INFOCUS Event"



In September, the KS2 team traveled up to Denver, CO to attend the annual INFOCUS event with JDE users and the Quest community to learn about the latest insights and trends with JDE and the Oracle ecosystem. If you missed the event, here are 3 key takeaways from the event that you should know about: 


1. Orchestrator Usage is Everywhere


One of the prominent themes at InFocus was the widespread adoption of orchestrator solutions. Orchestrator is not just an automation tool; it has evolved into an enterprise automation engine. Several presentations at the event (including our own KS2 Orchestrator presentation) highlighted the growing importance of orchestrator in streamlining processes and improving efficiency. The consensus was clear: businesses are increasingly looking for ways to make their operations easier, faster, and more automated.

Eric Kuefler, President & Co-Founder at KS2, shared is experience, "Everybody is innovating with orchestrator, and the solutions are just getting better and better. KS2 has demonstrated how we can reduce the friction, the cycle times and learning curve to complete basic tasks in JDE. It's evolving from being just an API engine to a comprehensive workflow engine, simplifying enterprise automation."


2. Your new ERP Assistant - AI


Over the course of the INFOCUS event, AI was the hottest topic in the keynotes, at networking events and even around the coffee shop. Oracle is continuing to rapidly innovate in AI and here at KS2, we look at these new capabilities as being your new “ERP Assistant”. Here are the 3 areas we feel Oracle’s AI capabilities will be able to help companies and their JDE environments:

Data Management – From mining core data points (i.e. transactional data, sales data, etc) to finding patterns for key decision making to using data points to inform future innovation, AI is able to push companies faster than ever before.

Revenue support – AI is a great tool to enhance the revenue generation responsibilities of an organization like improving customer experience, generating sales and marketing insights, optimizing inventory management and predictive maintenance.

Operational efficiencies – From automating routine and repetitive tasks to enhancing supply chain visibility and forecasting to monitoring product quality in real-time, we are starting to implement AI components in to all aspects of the business to increase operation efficiency.     


3. The Prevalence of JDE Users

INFOCUS also highlighted the enduring popularity of JD Edwards (JDE) among businesses. A significant crowd of JDE users attended the event, emphasizing that the platform remains widely used in various industries. This underscores the importance of continued support and innovation for JDE users, as they continue to seek innovative and efficient ways of doing business.

In conclusion, the InFocus trade show provided valuable insights for our team at KS2. Orchestrator emerged as a key driver of enterprise automation, AI showcased its potential, and the enduring popularity of JDE was evident. These takeaways will guide our efforts in delivering innovative solutions and services to our clients in the ever-evolving landscape of business technology.

Stay tuned for more updates as we continue to explore emerging trends and technologies in the industry.

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