Infocus 2023 Deep Dive

Grapevine, TX | Monday, August 7, 2023: KS2 Technologies is traveling and exhibiting at this year's INFOCUS event on September 27-29 in Denver, CO. INFOCUS offers 3 jam-packed days of JD Edwards learning designed to keep you in the loop on JD Edwards updates and feature enhancements, with plenty of practical how-to learning. Flexible session formats let you build the agenda that best fits your schedule.

At the event, KS2 will have 5 key presentations featuring client testimonials and real-world applications. See the schedule below:

Leveraging JDE Orchestrator for Streamlined Automation of Business Processes in Real Estate and Homebuilding

Wednesday, September 27th (12:45PM - 1:45PM)
Presented by Richard Nuskind

This presentation showcases the transformative power of JDE Orchestrator in automating business processes within the real estate and homebuilding industry. The JDE Orchestrator, a feature-rich component of the JD Edwards ERP system, offers seamless integration and customization capabilities for enhanced productivity, data accuracy, and decision-making. Attendees will receive an overview of the Orchestrator's key features, including its intuitive interface and integration with various industry applications. Real-world use cases will highlight its ability to automate project management, budgeting, procurement, sales, customer relations, and finance. Benefits such as operational efficiency, scalability, compliance, and faster time-to-market will be discussed. The presentation emphasizes best practices and implementation strategies for successful Orchestrator adoption, addressing change management and organizational readiness. By leveraging the Orchestrator's automation potential, real estate and homebuilding professionals can drive efficiency, improve customer experiences, and achieve sustainable growth in a competitive market.

E1 AP Automation Achieved at FIRSTstudent

Wednesday, September 27th (2:00PM - 3:00PM)
Presented by Dan Shinedling, Jr. and Raymon Clarke, FirstStudent

For one of the largest school bus operators in North America, process automation is critical. Automating payables from JD Edwards in a complex application environment with multiple procurement systems, data sources, maintenance systems, service centers, vendor contracts and inventory systems is no simple task. Come to this session to learn how FIRSTstudent partnered with Basware and KS2 Technologies to achieve AP Automation success with what the business considers one of their most successful IT projects of all time. Objective #1 Key value points, benefits and value you should expect to obtain from an AP Automation solution. Objective #2 Best practices and lessons learned when implementing an AP Automation solution Objective #3 Integration methods for connecting external procurement systems with JD Edwards.

Leverage MS Excel for the Web and with Orchestrator to Unlock your E1 Data. Think different.

Thursday, September 28th (3:30PM - 4:30PM)
Presented by Eric Kuefler

Excel is a great tool for formatting and analyzing data. It can also become a powerful UI when combined with JDE Orchestrator and other APIs. Our speaker, Eric Kuefler, will review examples and uses cases as shown in his recently published book on Amazon - "Enterprise Excel: Leverage Excel and APIs to Unlock Your Enterprise(one) Data". Join this workshop to learn more about how to leverage Orchestrator, AIS and APIs from other applications to build a singular front end in Excel.

E1 Fixed Assets: 2023 Basics & Applying Tools Release to Fixed Assets

Thursday, September 28th (4:45PM - 5:45PM)
Presented by David Cutler

JD Edwards E1 Fixed Assets is a stable product with relatively few functional feature updates in the recent past. However, new functionality and features as part of each tools release are often overlooked and not communicated to users. By combining tried and true functionality with new tools release features such as Form extensions, Personal forms and custom grids, you can make Fixed Asset more robust, your frontline workers more effective and give Fixed Assets a well-deserved make-over. This presentation will discuss the JD Edwards Fixed Assets system fundamentals and how to leverage the latest updates in JDE tools releases that will make a difference in the day-to-day work for your accounting personnel.

Simplify and Automate your Project Management Processes

Friday, September 29th (8:00AM - 9:00AM)
Presented by Eric Kuefler

Join this session to learn how JD Edwards’ latest enhancements and unique solutions such as Project Status Inquiry, Orchestrator for Job Cost reporting, Single Sign On with PingID, integrated Homebuilder on OCI & OIC, and Excel 4 Purchasing (E4P) helped to simplify and automate processes.



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