KS2's Conference Highlights for AWS re:INVENT 2018


Here are a few key highlights from the KS2 team for this year's AWS re:Invent conference in Las Vegas. These will help you tackle this large event and get the most out of AWS.


  1. REVIEW the AWS PRE-EVENT CHECKLIST - By reading through the pre-event checklist, you will be sure to have all of your ducks in a row before you arrive in Sin City. This is a document provided by AWS and well worth 30 minutes of review! You'll be set up for a week of success. 
  2. USE HASHTAGS (Twitter in Particular) - By following event hashtags, you will be able to see what is happening in real time at AWS. 
  3. BRING YOUR RUNNING SHOES & OTHER SUPPLIES - You will be walking...and walking more. Blisters never make a conference enjoyable, so be prepared for the long walking stretches you are bound to cover. Since you're packing, make sure to include the basic - ear plugs, Motrin, contact lens solution, and other essentials to keep you comfortable especially after your first 12 hour day on the Strip. 
  4. PARTY PARTY PARTY- but not too much of course. Be selective with your after hours time to ensure you get the most out of AWS. Follow the 2018 Events hashtag to see all of the exciting entertainment offerings at AWS 2018. 
  5. BE SOCIAL. This is a networking event after all, and we ALL understand how painfully awkward it can be to try and make conversation in a room full of strangers. But if there was anytime to go for it, now if your moment. So remember the power of a hello, take a deep breath and open the door of conversation and opportunity. Still feeling awkward? Then sign up for one of the Quirky Events (broomball, 4K or 8K and others) to give you and your new networking buddies a chance to connect over the common activity theme. 
  6. NEW AWS WEBINAR - GUIDE TO THE CONFERENCE- To help you make the best out of your week with AWS, they are now providing a new webinar series. Check out the 15 minute webinars  - "How to re:Invent" - before you go!
  7. THURSDAY NIGHT - re:Play Party - Don't miss this one! Special musical guests, full blown entertainment at every corner. This is a true highlight of AWS each year. So make sure to block your Thursday evening and enjoy this epic throw down - re:Play Party details


Of course, we would also love to have you stop by our Sponsor Booth on the trade floor - #2230. Come say hello and grab a 15 minute, private consultation where we can build a project roadmap to see how you can make the AWS cloud work best for you!

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For any questions, please contact Sarah Kaiser at skaiser@ks2inc.com.