KS2 Presents Bluemix at the IBM Innovation Center


KS2’s demonstrated how to build a dashboard on Bluemix using API’s to the time-tracking software Harvest. The dashboard was built for internal use, providing each KS2 practice director access to company metrics showing practice performance. Dan Jarvis shared that the user-friendly dashboard helps KS2 staff drill down into areas that need management attention. “Everything loads quickly, which wouldn’t be possible if we were just going simply to the Harvest API. That’s where Bluemix’s cloud-to-cloud integration really shines.”

Further emphasizing on the benefits of Bluemix, Ed Vazquez spoke on the importance of its rich catalog to clients. "With Bluemix, you get all of the power and strength of an IBM integration platform - without having to buy hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of on-premise software licenses - which is what you would have traditionally had to do four or five years ago in the 'old' licensed software model."

Ed added that, "Thanks to the IBM Bluemix Catalog of Services and Bluemix's integrated licensing model, KS2's Bluemix clients are able to quickly leverage the rich, core functionality of IBM's Integration and Mobility platform products (IIB, Cast Iron, DataPower, MQ, API Management, StrongLoop, MobileFirst, and WebSphere), while paying for only what is needed and only when it's used."

"This allows clients to quickly ramp up with the strategic cloud, integration, and mobile development projects that solve critical business problems - without having to invest in tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars or wait weeks or months for infrastructure implementations to support new software packages," Ed explained. "Bluemix offers a 'pay as you go' and 'on demand' integration platform to clients.  KS2 can help clients vision, architect, develop, and implement on Bluemix."

For any questions, please contact Sarah Kaiser at skaiser@ks2inc.com.