KS2 Sponsoring AWS re:Invent 2018


Grapevine, TX | Monday, November 5, 2018: KS2 Technologies, a Cloud consulting and professional services company, will be a proud sponsor of the 2018 AWS Re:Invent Conference in Las Vegas November 26-30. AWS Re:Invent, a learning conference hosted by Amazon Web Services, is expected to draw in excess of 45,000 attendees in 2018 from the global cloud computing community. As a leader in hybrid cloud consulting, KS2 will be presenting on Cloud Architecture, Development, Operations and Support plus demonstrating IBM Cloud Private (ICP) which enables enterprises to build your own private cloud for use on premises and on cloud, modernize your existing applications with a micro-services based approach, and containerize middleware and other content.   KS2 will also provide brief consulting sessions at their sponsor booth throughout the conference assisting with Cloud Strategies, Use Cases, Migration Plans and Lessons Learned with founders Dan Shinedling Jr, Eric Kuefler as well as other KS2 team members.

KS2 is excited to be part of AWS re:Invent.  We have been delivering hybrid cloud solutions for over 10 years and are actively helping clients modernize their Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems by leveraging cloud technologies.  Our clients have been asking us for solutions to help them bridge and optimize their on premises and cloud systems. It’s no longer just about lifting and shifting, but integrating and improving hybrid workloads, cost effectively and with greater value for customers.  We will be discussing our practical approaches at AWS re:invent and look forward to the many interactions.” says co-founder and President, Eric Kuefler.

“We've worked with dozens of clients on developing Cloud Adoption Roadmaps, Cloud Readiness Assessments and Cloud Migration Strategies, and delivering Cloud Integrations and Products.” says CTO Ed Vazquez, who will also be in attendance at the conference. “It has become critically clear that our clients want to understand the best cloud fit for their specific needs - with specific Cloud Providers and Services. AWS Re:Invent provides the opportunity to fully immerse ourselves in the latest AWS offerings, thereby allowing KS2 to provide better direction and support for our current and future Cloud clients."  

KS2 presents at national shows annually including IBM Think, Gartner, Collaborate, NHBA International Builders Show (IBS), and INFOCUS.  KS2 offers Architecture, Development, Migration, and Support Services for Cloud Consulting for AWS, IBM Cloud, Oracle Cloud, and Microsoft / Azure Cloud environments.  For more information, visit: www.ks2inc.com

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For any questions, please contact Sarah Kaiser at skaiser@ks2inc.com.